Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Banned players

M.Akin (Crown)
P.Elson (Crown)
A.Roberts (Crown)
J.Hayward (Crown)
J.Jackson (Crown)
A.Cooper (Crown)
K.Gray (Crown)
J.Rush (Crown)
L.Wilson (Crown)
J.P.Elson (Crown)
A.Whitehouse (Chase)
D.Milli (Chase)
D.Pettitt (Chase)

Signing on

Teams to speak too
Swan, Plough A, Plough B, Plough Wanderers, Prince of wales, Power Station, Globe, Red lion

*Signing on sheets 6 out of 16 recieved*

1.as of now i must have all signing on sheets and monies owed before any more games are played

2. any team failing to do so will lose the game 0-7

3. K.Robbinson has transfered from Prince of wales to the Moderation as of Monday 29/10/07