Tuesday, 10 November 2009

team folds.

sadly to say that the red lion team has folded due to loss of some players.i am at the moment trying to get another team in to replace them.i have been in touch with the chairman, we have sorted a way of gettting a team in at this late stage,we will keep you all informed. thanks to all at the red lion for your past support.........


a meeting was held at the globe mon night , reguarding libbys bandits v globe .the outcome was the result is to be a 4 v 4 draw. this matter is now closed,if anything like this was to happen again it would be looked at in a very diffrent light.all get on with playing darts and enjoy.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

blackpool dart tickets

i have got 4 tickets for the darts in blackpool tommorrow if you would like to purchase them contact me on 01889 583717 ask for graham, tickets will cost £20 each i cannot attend due to work commitments.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

handicap cup 2009


1 vs 10 1=541 10=361
2 vs 11 2=521 11=341
3 vs 12 3=501 12=321
4 vs 13 4=481 13=301
5 vs 14 5=461 14=281
6 vs 15 6=441 15=261
7 vs 16 7=421 16=241
8 vs 17 8=401 17=221
9 vs 18 9=381 18=201

full draw was done monday 13th July by G.Jellyman, W.Hall, G.Hylton.
this will be released once i have a completed league table. to save confusion

this will take place monday 20th July at the Mansfield
all games are teams of 5, first to win 3
there will only be 1 leg not best of 3
all games bull up and nominated double start

all teams must be there at 8.00pm and games will start at 8.20pm

thanks Graham

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

important notice

change of dates:
it has come to my attention that i did not include 3rd august in the fixtures, so to try and please everybody i have had a few discussions and made some changes, hopefully they suit peoples requests

new dates
3rd august: s/f bass cup
10th august: finals night
17th august: champs cup
24th august: A.G.M

presentation night will be held on Saturday 12th September at the pear tree club and will start at 8.00pm followed by a dico/soul night with DJ Vic Sutton

guests will be welcome but will be charged £2.00 per ticket to help pay for the evening. hopefully it will be a good night, not only for darters but also for their partners.

hope this pleases most of you.


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

semi finalists

well done to all teams who have got through to the semi finals

league cup
1. Castle A
2. Plough A
3. Red Lion
4. Pear tree club

Bass cup
1.Libbys united
2. Red lion
3. Pear Tree Club
4. Swan

the draw will be done on the night

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

handicap cup

will be held on the 20th july, all games will be played on 1 night at the mansfield club in the big room

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Wednesday darts league

on wednesday 13th may some of the lads and myself had a trial run for the league on the format which we may adopt.
it was a good night with positive feedback so next week 20th may we plan to do the same again. however this time i am inviting all teams/players to come along and try it out and see for yourself.
so if your interested be at the castle for 8.15 wednesday 20th may

Doubles results

Castle winners: Skin and M. Eustice
Libby's winners: K.Jones and M.Jones
plough winners: C.Boulton and N.Harvey
Pear Tree Club winners: W.Hall and P.Mountford

well done to you all

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

doubles draw

11th may 2009 roll call 8.20 for 8.30 start

G. Jellyman

G. Wood + P. Morrow V S. Boulton + M. Alcock
A. Mathews + S. Wood V Skin + M. Eustice
J. Thompson +G. Marsh V N. Buglar + J. Richards
G. Cowie + R. Buglar V C kirkem + T. Mottram
N.Mathews + J. Grocott V M. Turner + M. Hayward
D. Brown + P. Fletcher V S. Brewer + S. Healy
J. Hicks + D. Goode V W. Layton + S. Whittle

Fairless + P. daley

G. Hylton

R. Carthy + B. Rowbotham V M. Hylton + N. Hutchins
M. Roberts + M. Roberts V S. Horon + S. Bull
M. Dtoole + S. Smith V E. Jellyman + C. Orme
G. Brear + D. Kitchen V D. Harvey + S. Cully
D. Jenkins + G. Thacker V D. Jones + N. Bott
T. Hylton + P. Marsh V K. Jones + M. Jones

D. Inskip + S. Hicks
M. Perry + G. Hylton

P. Mason

Carr + K. Lawley V P. Norman + J. Norman
C. Boulton + N. Harvey V J. Mathew + K. Guy
J. McFarlane + J. Rogers V R. Herrington + P. Hayward
A. Wharton + C. Burns V S. Johnson + B. Darby
P. Mountford + E. Gormley V P. Mason + K. Stratfull
W. Mayers + D. Clews V J. Baird + M. Ward

P. Williams + W. Chedzoy
T. McCail + J. Garshore

Pear Tree Club
W. Hall

S. Gilby + G. Billings V P. Bateman + J. Norman
N. Cox + G. Stewart V S. Holroyd + B. Evans
G. Taylor + A. Barry V A. Clenton + T. Heath
B. Perry + B. Aston V G. Buglar + R. Scragg
I. Perry + H. Smythe V N. Slater + M. Smith
S. Maddox + S Molinoux V P. Jenkins + N. Holloway

W. Hall + P. Benn
A. Johnson + A. Taylor

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

quarter final bass cup

Libby's United Vs Mansfield
Plough A Vs Red Lion
Pig And Bell Vs PTC
Swan Vs Libby's A

Quarter final league cup

Castle A Vs Libby's A
Plough A Vs Vaults
Libby's United Vs Red Lion
PTC Vs Power Station

Dave Rowlands

the night started off pretty good with no hick ups.draws were done for the quarter finals of the league and bass cup in front of everyone, also the draw for the doubles.
then the last 32 battled it out, no real surprises at this stage, apart from Selby beating Skin with some great darts being thrown. unfortunately Baz Aston and Eamonn couldn't make it due to work and Nige Cox couldn't make it due to a bad back.
But tonight Kev Jones, Wayne Mayers and Gaz Marsh showing they meant business, along with Mark Hylton. the last 8 saw Selby, Martin Roberts, Grant Cowie, Geof Tatlor, Mark Hylton, Wayne Mayers, Kev Jones and Gaz Marsh going through, Gaz was hitting 180's for fun and taking out 161 for a 12 dart leg.
Quarter finals saw Kev Jones Brush aside Selby, Mark Hylton takes out Gaz Marsh, what a match. Young Martin Roberts takes out Wayne, Grant just beats Geof
Semi Final sees Mark cruise past young Martin and Grant just beats Kev suprisingly.
The final was one sided but great to watch, no wonder Peachy volunteered to mark this one. Mark went out in 14 and 11 which gave him an average of 120.4 even i would of struggled tostay with him, haven't practiced for a couple of weeks.
well done Mark and everybody who was there, Wayne won the card, thanks to libby's for the food and the venue


Monday, 16 March 2009


the mod are now playing from the prince so they will be known as the prince B

Bass cup Rnd 2- 6th April 09

Vaults 9. Libby’s A
Swan 10. Pig and Bell
Libby’s united 11. Red Lion
PT Club 12. Castle B
Castle A 13. Plough A
Plough Wanderers 14. Albion
Power Station 15. Miners
Mansfield 16. Libby’s Bandits

Draw- 6th April 09

Castle B V Plough A
Pig and Bell V Power station
Vaults V Libby’s A
PT Club V Miners
Castle A V Swan
Mansfield V Libby’s Bandits
Plough Wanderers V Libby’s United
Red Lion V Albion

Dave Rowland last 32

Matt Alcock V Wayne Mayers
Mark Hylton V James Grocott
Bob Rowbottom V Rob Scragg
Colin Boulton V Keith Stratfull
Mark Eustice V Paul Benn
Skin Thompson V Selby Brewer
Martin Hayward V Kev Jones
Garath Brear V Gaz Marsh
Peachy V Bob Taylor
Martin Roberts Jnr V Eamonn Gormley
Baz Aston V Charlie Burns
Phil Mason V Adam Jhonson
Martin Roberts Snr V Noel Slater/Steve Gilby
Don Harvey V Nige Cox
Andy Mitchell V Grant Cowie
Geff Taylor V Michal Otoole

Possible date 13th April Bank holiday
What do you think?

League cup round 2

1. Castle A 9.Prince B
2. Libby’s United 10. Libby’s A
3. Prince A 11. Pig and Bell
4. P.T Club 12. Red Lion
5. Plough Wanderers 13. Plough A
6. Swan 14. Albion
7. Mansfield 15. Miners
8. Vaults 16. Power Station

Draw – 30th March 09
1. Red Lion V Plough Wanderers
2. Prince A V Libby’s united
3. Swan V P.T Club
4. Libby’s A V Mansfield
5. Castle A V Pig and Bell
6. Power station V Albion
7. Plough A V Miners
8. Vaults V Prince B

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


With regards to the Dave Rowland’s Competition.
The idea of all games being played at one venue was right (Members Request). The venue was good, the staff were great and the members were great. 8 boards to use made it the perfect night!
However this was not the case, we only had 4 boards which was my fault, the draw was delayed also my fault. I will learn from my mistakes. What I take from this is that 127 people entered the competition and only 67 turned up, is it possible to plan a night when half the people who enter have no intention of turning up? If it had been played at 8 separate venues there would have been about 6 players at each venue, this would have created a poor atmosphere which is no good for the pub or the league. In future I will plan nights better and if I put my name down I will turn up, sorry for any inconvenience. Next time I will stand up and be counted

But will others?

Monday, 5 January 2009

League information

Tonight teams will be given a balance sheet of what they owe to help evryone get up to date to fulfill league rules.
i think most captains will be sad to know that money outstanding at this point is £949.00

league rules will be enforced after tonight

also sheets for the Alaxander Lodge, Dave Rowlands and the Doubles will be given out please can teams fill these in and hand them out ASAP

imortant notice

As per league rules. All money must be up to date with all money at the half way stage of the season. May i remind all captains this comes into affect monday 5th january.
any team who is not up to date will forfeit any games they play 7-0 untill money is paid.

thank you Graham