Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Dave Rowland’s

Firstly I must say I was disappointed with the turnout at most venues. Mind you its your money I suppose.
Next year it may be worth playing on one night, one venue with several boards like in the past. Worth thinking about!

The last eight then:
No surprises at all!
Hit and miss got through at the Pear Tree Club, The chair had a tough battle but won at Libby’s.
Rock steadily sailed through at The Castle, Ginger Tom went through well at the Red Lion.
The Translator went through at The Prince, Doctor Secretary breezed through at The Swan of course.
Mini Mountain won at The Globe, yes the high flyer glided through at The Plough.

I have been to Corals and had me a bet for the winner, listed below are the odds I got::
G. Jellyman – 1/200
M. Hylton – Evans
S. Boulton – 2/1
W. Hall – 3/1
J. Brindley – 7/2
J. Baird – 4/1
M. Ward – 8/1
P. Mountford – 10/1

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Dave Rowlands

Due to the uncertaincy of The Globe, that venue will know be held at tThe Castle lounge.

Lets see if tiny man mountain fairs in this one.

May i remind all captains that all cups etc need to be brought back to me ASAP

The Rock gets crushed

At Libby's last night Barry Aston turned The Rock to rubble but to be fair to the rock he's on holiday when its Finals night so his heart wasn't up for it.

Has it happened Nige Cox won the night there, skin cruised through at the Castle, as did Mr Chair Willy Hall.

Then steady Mr Gormley shone through at the Prince to give Pear Tree Club 4 players through to finals night. They are joined by young Goslings Martin Hayward from the Swan and tiny Ryan Herrington also from the Swan. Mr Reliable Steve Boulton won through to represent The Castle.

To complete the eight its no high flyers Mark Hylton from the Prince, what a finals night that will be.

Good luck to all of you and well done

Monday, 16 June 2008

important notice!!

the Globe is shut so the knockout will now be held at the Castle in the lounge area

the Pear Tree club is also closed so the touranment will be held upstairs of Libby's

pass on the message

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

KO what a night

Bass cup started off bad for me when everyone told me we were away to Pear Tree club, with no sandwiches. Then as we got in the minibus, Pear Tree club turned up at our place to play the game. Yes we was at home, must be my age!!!!

The Rock was solid again as he beat Ant to raise the gate to 4-1.

The prince put out a very weak team and only 5 players lost, 5-2 to Plough A.
Web master Alan won 2-0 again to give Libby’s a 5-2 win over The Red Lion despite Jonny G losing 2-0 again.
The Cully reprobates sailed through 4-1 against Plough B despite one or two differences.

Don’t forget the Handicap Cup next week all at Libby’s.
Check out rules and draws on the site