Tuesday, 10 March 2009


With regards to the Dave Rowland’s Competition.
The idea of all games being played at one venue was right (Members Request). The venue was good, the staff were great and the members were great. 8 boards to use made it the perfect night!
However this was not the case, we only had 4 boards which was my fault, the draw was delayed also my fault. I will learn from my mistakes. What I take from this is that 127 people entered the competition and only 67 turned up, is it possible to plan a night when half the people who enter have no intention of turning up? If it had been played at 8 separate venues there would have been about 6 players at each venue, this would have created a poor atmosphere which is no good for the pub or the league. In future I will plan nights better and if I put my name down I will turn up, sorry for any inconvenience. Next time I will stand up and be counted

But will others?

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matty said...

couldnt agree more, thought the idea was great chance for all players from the league to get together and have a good night of darts, and also to support the league. yes small mistakes were made with not enough boards but that can be put right next time around. this has got to be better than different venues when you get small turn outs and players get byes to the finals. why put your name down and pay money to enter if you have no intenion of playing, keep going graham doing a great job.