Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Dave Rowlands

the night started off pretty good with no hick ups.draws were done for the quarter finals of the league and bass cup in front of everyone, also the draw for the doubles.
then the last 32 battled it out, no real surprises at this stage, apart from Selby beating Skin with some great darts being thrown. unfortunately Baz Aston and Eamonn couldn't make it due to work and Nige Cox couldn't make it due to a bad back.
But tonight Kev Jones, Wayne Mayers and Gaz Marsh showing they meant business, along with Mark Hylton. the last 8 saw Selby, Martin Roberts, Grant Cowie, Geof Tatlor, Mark Hylton, Wayne Mayers, Kev Jones and Gaz Marsh going through, Gaz was hitting 180's for fun and taking out 161 for a 12 dart leg.
Quarter finals saw Kev Jones Brush aside Selby, Mark Hylton takes out Gaz Marsh, what a match. Young Martin Roberts takes out Wayne, Grant just beats Geof
Semi Final sees Mark cruise past young Martin and Grant just beats Kev suprisingly.
The final was one sided but great to watch, no wonder Peachy volunteered to mark this one. Mark went out in 14 and 11 which gave him an average of 120.4 even i would of struggled tostay with him, haven't practiced for a couple of weeks.
well done Mark and everybody who was there, Wayne won the card, thanks to libby's for the food and the venue


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cromedome said...

i think this is the way forward for the singles grey. two great nights out plenty of chat and good darts